Poise, Duo show with Kristina Chrastekova at Nevan Contempo, Prague 2018
Meditations. Noplace, Oslo 2016
Like a Spiral Jetty gone sinister. Atelier Nord / Expost, Prague 2016


Qualia. Natas Inn, Oslo 2015
They, Them. Drei, Cologne 2015
Delicate Matter. Combo, Spain, 2014
Hove music festival. Norway 2014
Dark Clouds, Clear Vision. Kazachenko's Apartment, Oslo 2014
Palace Posy. Noplace, Oslo 2013
ITW. etc galerie, Prague, 2013
Gavu Cheb Museum, Czech Republic, 2012
The last to say. Galerie NTK, Prague, 2012
Robert Johnson where you at ?. Noplace, Oslo, 2012
After All. Vestfossen kunstlaboratorium, avd 7011, 2011
From here we go sublime. Stenersen Museum, 2011
Krystallnatten. Nidarosdomen Cathedral. 2008
Collection 422. Gallery Kit, 2007